Volkman or Castillo

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5/13/11 8:34:36PM
Thats a tough one. I haven't ever asked for help deciding on who to pick before...but this seems like an exact mirror match.

I'm tempted to pick Castillo just because he's younger...but then again Volkmann is a more experienced Castillo.

Oh man, guys help me out here?!?

(also this has to be main carded, each are riding 3-win streaks)
5/13/11 8:48:02PM
Danny by whatever
5/13/11 9:42:49PM
i'm picking volkman by decision
5/13/11 11:02:40PM
Castillo is overall better. Volkman will be game, but Castillo trains team alpha male, prolly better striking, power and has wrestling and subs and good size and has faced and beaten good competition.
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