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6/30/12 5:41:58AM
Ok, so I'm browsing around in the sports and outdoors section for kindle when I come across "The voice of reason" and I notice that it has a pretty decent rating so I click on it to read some reviews. The highest rated "positive" comment made my day, not so much for what was said but because I didn't expect it.

Here is a screen shot.

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6/30/12 5:50:53AM
The best thing is that I didn't even see the similar topic Shawn posted before posting this, both reviews seem like they were written by the same guy

Shawn's thread
6/30/12 8:26:57AM
Is it possible Sonnen has taken trash talk to a whole new level? Has he hired a PR team to make sure the whole world sees the ridicule. His devotion to S. Silva's image is admirable. Today, Kindle reviews on Amazon. And if the feud continues after UFC 148, what's next? Superbowl commercials?
6/30/12 12:49:57PM
Trees were standing in line with great excitement ready to get chopped down for The Voice of Reason......

220 pages of sheer (P)erfection + the Foreword is written by Jesus Christ himself
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