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3/7/07 8:13:50AM
Vitor Belfort's Opponent will be Ivan Serati.

Wll be announced soon on Cage Rage Website:

Also Brad Picket will be fighting Alex Owen
3/7/07 2:45:06PM
serati looks good on paper.. 5-0, 4 KOs 1 submission, none of the fights went past the first minute of the first round.. they arent against quality opponents, but at least we know he is capable of putting people away..

plus he is cutting from 225.. unless vitor is going up to heavyweight, which i doubt.. this guy could be alot of trouble for vitor
3/7/07 6:22:33PM
Yeh, he does seem pretty good on paper... looking at his opponents though 4 haven't won any fights and one has a 3-5 record.

Like you said though he definately has KO power and can finish a fight, but whatever Vitor shows up I think it will be too much for him.

I think Vitor will take this one in a similar way he beat Anthony Rea.

3/8/07 8:17:09AM
I think Vitor is taking this fight thinking that this guys just a unknown he can quickly KO.
3/8/07 5:26:28PM
hope vitor wins..
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