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POLL: Who would win in if these fighters fought again V Belfort or W Silva
Vitor Belfort 26% (9)
Wanderlei Silva 74% (25)
1/15/08 10:32:52PM
What do you guys think if this fight were to happen? They both haven't been impressive lately and need a huge win! I would like to see this happen! Lets hear your thoughts.
1/16/08 2:27:35AM
I dont really think its a case of wandy not being impressive, yeh hes lost his last 3 fights, but are you really gona begrudge him losses to mirko, chuck and hendo? I personally think hes tear vitor apart this time, if his heads still in the game. Then again, even if it wasnt, id still pick wandy to win.
1/16/08 2:41:19AM
I would really like to see this.

At the moment, Wanderlei would murder him, With an axe even.
1/16/08 9:10:44AM
I think it will be Wanderlei by UD
1/16/08 9:35:45AM
Look at Wandy against Henderson. Look at Vitor against Henderson. Vitor did a lot better. Both where somewhat recent fights. I think if Vitor's can stay out of Wandy's Muay Thai clinch he will destroy. Better hands, and much better ground game than given credit for.
1/16/08 1:09:10PM
wandy by whatever he wants
1/16/08 2:54:53PM
i wonder who honestly picked vitor and wasn't joking. how can anyone think that vitor is anywhere close to wanderlei at this point. wanderlei not impressive you say? look at that chuck liddell fight. it was at a high pace and was a slugfest with hard shots thrown by both fighters. you have to remember that chuck liddell is still a great fighter despite how many people jumped off of his bandwagon. wanderlei has lost to 3 top tier opponents recently one of which was to a HW wrecking machine at the time (CC), and although we would like for him to win, his last fight with liddell proved he can still hang with the top. vitor's last victory over top competition was 4 years ago due to a cut against couture, a fight in which couture avenged.since his PRIDE fight with hendo, vitor has faced bad competition and has looked sloppy. he seems a bit over weight and even talked about moving up to SHW...SHW people!! vitor needs to find himself because back in the day he was truly the phenom but as of late he looks like a shell of his former self while wandy still can hang at the top.
1/16/08 3:01:51PM
wandy is still impressive and very dangerous, vitor im just not sure about at this point, but his comeback would make for a great story. ive been a vitor fan for a long time, and its crazy to me how much different his career turned out than what it looked like it would be when he started. he looked like a lock to be hands down the most devastating puncher mma had ever seen then things took a turn for the worse. wandy meanwhile has gotten better, and although hes lost 3 straight, it was against the best competition one could face, and he still showed in those fights(especially the chuck fight) that he is no ones pushover and by no means washed up. i think wandy gets the ko if this fight were to happen today, but id love to see vitor make one more big run in the ufc.
1/16/08 3:41:15PM
Wow, Chuck picked Wandy apart and Chuck is sloppy as a mothersucker. I think once again Vitor will win with technical striking and if it hit the ground, Vitor will be too quick. I don't know, I just think Wandy is going downhill. All them all out wars have took there toll and it looks like he's getting old.
1/16/08 3:45:46PM
Wand wins it IMO. Vitor's last fight speaks for itself....He has looked pretty bad for a long time now. Everyone keeps hoping for the "old" Vitor to show up, but I think those days are behind him now. Wand by UD.
1/16/08 9:20:06PM
wandy in the clinch that he didnt use on chuck
1/16/08 9:33:39PM
I'd like for Vitor to win, but unfortunately at this point in their careers I think Wandy would maul him.
2/11/11 7:28:46PM
i say vitor wins
2/15/11 12:31:56PM
lol this was in 2008 so that explains the poll results. Does anyone still think Wanderlei would win? I don't
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