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11/1/12 7:46:02PM
It appears that Forrest Griffin wasn't a fan of fighting Vitor Belfort at UFC 155 in December. Belfort spoke to Brazilian site UOL about the issue, and said that Griffin wasn't interested in tangling with him at the Vegas event:

I met with Forrest and he told me that he volunteered for a list of six names and mine was the first. He said he would face any of them except me. It's good to have this kind of recognition. I am here to serve the company."

I think this probably has to do with the fact that the two men were training partners for so long at Xtreme Couture. I can't see any other reason why Griffin would turn down a bout with The Phenom, only to sign on against Phil Davis. Belfort also stated that he's willing to take fights at either light heavyweight or middleweight:

"My weight, my category, are the medium. I am adaptable. But I do not have much time left in my career and I want to have great challenges, be in whichever weight it will be. I can make great fights and don’t run from anybody, I’ll be always ready."

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11/1/12 9:06:57PM
Not shocking since he ducked Machida years ago. Forrest doesn't want to face strikers anymore, that's why he's now signing fights with grapplers like Sonnen and now Phil Davis instead of Lil Nog, Machida, Vitor or Rampage.
11/2/12 1:08:54AM
Good, that's a shitty matchup. Just as bad as Davis/Griffin.
11/2/12 1:13:12AM

Posted by Biggavelli

Good, that's a shitty matchup. Just as bad as Davis/Griffin.

I disagree. I think Belfort/Griffin would have been more exciting and more competitive. I think that Davis is gonna be on top of Griffin for at least 13 minutes in the fight.
11/2/12 2:15:58AM
Didn't Forrest say one time....."I will fight anybody......"

Apparently that phrase meant, Please Mr. Joe Silva sir, DO NOT match me up with somebody that punches hard!

Oh well, have fun getting bent into a pretzel by "Mr. Wonderful"
11/2/12 8:12:53AM
I don't blame him. Belfort would knock him senseless
And I don't wanna see Forrest crying again
11/2/12 9:29:51AM
meh I can't fault Griffin for that
11/2/12 6:59:13PM
Maybe he just didn't want to spend the later part of his career tied up in a dying reality show that offers very little anymore.
Or it could have been he had already started training for his fight with Sonnen and didn't want to waste the money he'd already invested in a camp as well as the fighters he'd brought in or booked to train with.
Or maybe its got something to do with the fact that Forrest and Vitor used to train together for years.

Forrest is usually game to face anyone and alway has exciting fights win, lose or draw. I don't get the hate for him!
11/2/12 7:26:56PM

Posted by Bubbles

meh I can't fault Griffin for that

me either, i probably wouldnt have done it if i was him either. You don't want to have your last few fights end with you waking up from a coma