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2/13/13 11:28:51AM
LONDON – Final Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold and fellow UFC contender Vitor Belfort will headline a major UFC event in Brazil.

2/13/13 11:34:54AM
This is a tough one to make a pick for. My heart wants to see Vitor score another KO victory but, my head is screaming Luke is to well rounded to lose this fight.
2/13/13 12:19:11PM
lightsout will love this
2/13/13 12:52:01PM
rockhold takes a ud here
2/13/13 1:19:45PM
Another great match-up. The winner should probably get a title shot.
Odds should be close to even, maybe Belfort a slight favorite.
2/13/13 1:43:42PM
Sounds like a fuel card
But may just be a ppv card in June Brazil

Big nog vs werdum
Belfort vs rockhold

When they say headline a "major " event

Major in my mind is ppv
Fuel cards are the bottom of the picking order
2/13/13 2:25:35PM
Nice matchup.
I'm giving the advantage slightly to Rockhold here.
2/13/13 2:53:21PM
If it ain't Anderson Silva I'll pick Vitor every time.
2/13/13 3:04:05PM
I wonder if Vitor is mad he didnt get a title shot. He seemed like he really thought it was going to happen after he beat Bisping.
I think he KOs Rockhold.
2/13/13 3:55:39PM
i hope vitor handles rockhold. nothing against rockhold, im just not a believer in the strikforce champions.
2/13/13 5:13:55PM
This is gonna be a great scrap!!! Personally I wanna see Vitor deliver another vintage highlight reel KO but I aint sleeping on Rockhold... them Strikeforce dudes have held there own so far
2/14/13 2:03:03AM
TRT Vitor> Rockhold
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