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6/11/08 12:33:56PM
Affliction has added former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort to its July 19 event, putting him in a matchup against fellow one-time UFC fighter Terry Martin. It's considered interesting he was added given he previously violated a drug suspension by fighting overseas during the suspension period, which could work against him when it comes to getting licensed.

6/11/08 12:37:33PM
This has already been posted
6/11/08 5:43:51PM
I will be there and I cant wait
6/11/08 6:42:02PM
I cant wait to see Vitor fight again, I dont think Terry Martin has a chance in this one
6/11/08 7:46:20PM
I thought his suspension was the reason he didn't sign for the ufc.
6/11/08 8:21:17PM
poor terry martin. he's gonna get his bell rung

WAR VITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6/11/08 9:47:11PM
How is Terry going to reach Vitor with those short stumpy arms of his? lol

As for the drug suspension, wasn't he just suspended in the US? Besides, wasn't it close to the end (or at the end) or am I thinking of another fighter. The CR fight was 6 months after his fight with Henderson.
6/12/08 9:59:22AM
good addition, wish he was fighting at middleweight in the ufc, kind of wish i was going now to see the show
6/12/08 10:07:17AM
The fight is at 185. That will give you an idea of how big Vitor is off the juice...he was cut at 230 when he fought Couture the first time.
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