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3/7/09 3:28:43PM
Hey is there anyway to check your pick for an event after the picks thing is locked? I always forget who i picked!
3/7/09 3:30:26PM
Yes, under "Quick Links" on the left side when posting or on the main page (click "Home" on the left side) click the link that says "My Fight Companion". This will display a chart with your picks and wagers that can be printed out to keep handy while you watch.
3/7/09 3:31:05PM
check your fight companion
3/7/09 3:32:23PM
damn you beat me to it dcrage. it was blank when i pushed post reply
3/7/09 6:35:53PM
lol ty... But ffs I picked Gonzaga but didnt put how -_- and thats the hot event as well! :'(
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