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8/16/09 12:10:01PM
Just for fun.

I want to get more done in the future, but it's hard without a camera man.

If anyone has suggestions for interesting workouts with a medicine ball or kettlebell, post them here. Keep in mind it's pretty much not feasible at the moment to do work with a partner.

My channel

Make sure you check out the combo exercises and juggling as they are the most interesting.
8/16/09 1:44:44PM
great camera. and if that's what a regular Canada day looks like i would love to live there
8/16/09 5:57:36PM
We've had a cold and rainy summer this year, which is unusual, but what you see in the camera is usually what a decent or good day looks like from May-Sept.

Of course I was working in the shade so the video is a tad bit grainy.
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