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2/25/07 8:46:58AM
-Is PRIDE for sale??
-Good question, .......maybe (depends on PPV numbers)

- If Wandy doesn't get a rematch, Shogun wants a title shot

- Not sure if they will let Hendo keep both belts or make him give one up

- Gomi/Diaz will likely happen again, for the title

- LW GP will start in May

Hendo Press

Enjoy, as always, the press conf. sound is crap
2/25/07 10:07:36AM
Thanks for the Vid. The first part is pretty pointless but it gets a bit better.

And the sound does suck.
2/25/07 12:08:15PM
Yeah, it always does, I don't know why they don't just rig the mics to the cameras. It has to picked up secondary from the speakers
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