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POLL: On a scale from 1-10, how great was UFC 80 ?
9-10 25% (6)
7-8 50% (12)
5-6 8% (2)
3-4 13% (3)
1-2 4% (1)
0 0% (0)
1/19/08 10:19:32PM
Just uploaded 1 fight from UFC 80, Joe Stevenson vs B.J. Penn, I'll have all 9 of them up as soon as I get them uploaded. I'll keep on adding videos on this thread on a direct link so you can just click on the link.

Joe Stevenson vs B.J. Penn
1/20/08 1:18:29AM
1/20/08 1:20:19AM
1/20/08 1:21:45AM
1/20/08 1:23:59AM
Wilson Gouveia vs Jason Lambert

This was Fight of the Night and Knockout of the Night type of fight
1/20/08 1:26:52AM
1/20/08 1:32:45AM
Jorge Rivera vs Kendall Grove

Suprising fight to some but not to me, I was discussing this with some of my friends and we were talking about how of Jorge came in and started throwing then he would win because Kendall does have a suspect chin as we saw against Joe Riggs and Patrick Cote and even on TUF 3 he was almost knocked out by Ross Mason at the beginning of the fight. I hope Kendall comes back and I want to see Rich Franklin vs Jorge Rivera 2 because Jorge gave Rich one hell of a fight.
1/20/08 2:50:31AM
thanks man good stuff
1/20/08 3:17:30PM
Yep cant wait for Wednesdays ufc fight night when im at work, and hope you post the fights up right away so i can watch them at work.

good work bro, props
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