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10/5/08 1:11:14AM
So I remember a couple months ago someone posted videos of UFC 40 to 60 with a bunch of the Fight nights. I cant find where it is on here. They were all links to a torrent site I think but he literally had 5 pages of stuff uploaded.

Props to anyone who can give me the link to the topic
10/5/08 1:17:53AM
i think THIS might be what u r talking about
10/5/08 1:21:00AM
Might be this one...


Also remember there being another one by nWo with a link to a site that had alot of stuff, title was something like Millions f MMA or something like that, but searched him and cant find the thread, might have been deleted.
10/5/08 1:44:59AM
Nope, this thread had each event with a picture of the the events poster with the list of fights below it and then the links. It wasnt any pride at all. Just UFC FN's and stuff like that. It is bothering the hell out of me cause it fianlly can get the videos off of there but I cant find the thread.
10/5/08 2:14:47AM
is it this website
I know this was posted in a thread but i dont have the thread saved
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