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11/9/11 10:40:31PM

Hey everybody, I've been posting up a technique video every week and wanted to share this week's technique on this forum. This week I'm showing what Grappling magazine called, "The Avellan Trademark Knee Cut Across Pass...", which is my baddest, most reliable, and easiest guard pass. This is my most overused yet rarely stopped guard pass that my brother and I use consistently in competition. I show demonstrations and display plenty of live examples in actual competition.

If you like the video, please do me favor and bump this thread up with a post and/or like my video and post a comment on youtube. By bumping this thread back up, liking my video on youtube, and/or posting a comment on youtube it helps promote me and my gym so I'd appreciate the help.

I love feedback, so if anybody hits this move in training or in a match, please post some feedback on my facebook page wall at www.facebook.com/MarcosAvellan and "like" my page.

--Marcos Avellan

P.S. For more videos and daily email tips, please subscribe at www.MarcosAvellan.com - just for signing up, you get a couple of cool guard pass drills and setups that will help with this particular technique.
11/9/11 10:45:55PM
By the way, is there a way to embed video on this forum? I'm a newbie on here. Thanks!
11/9/11 11:18:27PM
That's a really nice pass and a great instructional video, but there's nothing new about it. I've seen that pass or variations of it all over the place for years. I'm really impressed by how often you're able to hit it in competition, though!
11/9/11 11:29:50PM
Thanks for the comment! And this is definitely nothing new - just not used enough or used with details missing.
11/9/11 11:30:08PM
I just looked up your competition record, extremely impressive! You've grappled against guys like Marcelo Garcia and Shinya Aoki!
11/9/11 11:43:31PM
Thank you, yes I've grappled a lot, won some big tournaments, but haven't been active with grappling the past two or three years, I've been focusing mostly on coaching and running my gym. I got a quick bio about myself at www.MarcosAvellan.com

These days I just like to live vicariously through my brother's grappling accomplishments :) He finished 3rd in ADCC in 2009 and has competed four consecutive times in the ADCC.

I'm glad you liked the video, that pass has been my most reliable pass. I've probably hit this pass at LEAST a hundred times in advanced/pro level competition.
11/9/11 11:50:23PM
Thanks for posting this man. It was very informative. I would personally appreciate it if you posted on this forum more often. I've just subscribed to your channel on youtube so I'll check out some of your videos
11/10/11 3:06:43AM
i use this pass pass quite often as well. its great for mma because it lets me either posture and throw leather, pass, stop the triangle with the knee or break a`loose guard. very hard to stop.
11/14/11 3:40:22PM
My please tcunningham and budgellism! I'll be posting another video tonight or tomorrow.
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