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12/7/12 4:37:20PM
Chael Sonnen is friendly with Yushin Okami to the extent that the Japanese middleweight frequently visits West Lynn, Oregon to train with Sonnen and his team. When he’s in town he stays at Sonnen’s mother’s house and has the run of the place, letting himself in and out via the security keypad on the front door.

Okami’s English isn’t the best though and so when he changed some plans at the last minute, chaos ensued and Sonnen’s mother nearly ended up shooting him. Literally nearly ended up shooting him. Chael Sonnen tells the story of how his Japanese friend ended up standing in the hallway with an alarm going off at 1am gibbering “Yushin Okami, thank you!” while having a shotgun pointed at him….


Okami story starts at 1:18
12/7/12 4:38:20PM
fucking Okami

Jones is so awkward when Chael puts him on the spot.
12/7/12 5:00:49PM

Thank you for that Shawn
Funny as hell
12/7/12 5:59:44PM
Great find Shawn

That story with Okami was great.

Anderson swearing at the end
12/7/12 6:04:34PM
Its West Linn not Lynn
12/7/12 6:19:31PM
Jon Jones doesn't know how to come off cool when he doesn't have time to rehearse his speeches
12/7/12 7:46:48PM
Man, Sonnen's jacked. Also, hilarious.
12/8/12 3:32:02PM

I like him more when he isn't putting on a character to talk his way into a title shot.
12/8/12 3:35:31PM
Actually the more interesting part of this is that Chael Sonnen admits that he verbally submitted to Paulo Filho.

I have gotten in so many arguments with people about that. I'm gonna have to remember this video to link to in case that ever comes up again.
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