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11/11/13 8:57:19PM

Yeah, Cain's no match for her
11/11/13 10:40:44PM
To point out the obvious: this is why men and women shouldn't fight each other...especially with a 50 lbs wt difference. Even in a judo or wrestling style match I am not sure if she would have even gotten a single point. Could you imagine if knees were allowed? He'd have caved her head in.
11/12/13 1:03:33AM
If i remember right, mousasi has a sambo background yeah? I remember him and fedor doing that weird exhibition match in japan with the sambo gi's on. sambo and judo have a lot in common. i'm sure these two could learn some cool stuff from each other

edit: according to gagard's facial expression, i'm pretty sure he hates everything
11/12/13 3:06:29AM
Of course he out-muscled her, could of killed her! lol, I only care because of her Cain statement, The when she see's him next she will flirt of it.

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