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8/28/08 12:43:26PM

The old video of Ken Shamrock talking about Kimbo Slice, and fighting Kimbo Slice
8/28/08 1:12:28PM
ken is actually talking calmly. hahaha
8/28/08 2:13:29PM
LOL at Kimbo having "good kicks."
8/28/08 7:54:47PM
i agree that, that man... whoever he was/is.... has no clue waht he is talking about. but i say kimbo by ko or tko from standing...or maybe ken.. ya know what.. i dont ******* know.. old guy against bootcamp fighter.. i dontk now
8/28/08 9:07:41PM
i dont want to watch this fight, but i know i have to
8/28/08 9:28:01PM
If Ken is smart he won't stand w/ Kimbo at all. He prob'ly takes an early ko. He won't take the smart route and he'll get killed.
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