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5/25/07 9:10:04PM
joe talkin to an espn analyist and a boxing supporter, schooling both

Video of Joe
5/25/07 9:55:56PM
Man Joe tore their asses up ... Way to prove that MMA is a real sport.
5/25/07 10:27:38PM
hahahaha. damn, joe rogan got both of them. everything joe said, i agreed with. who doesn't love a beautiful RNC?!?! lol.
5/25/07 10:30:32PM
They Got JOEWNED!!!!
5/26/07 12:25:25AM
Wow he really did get owned, nice.
Fanboy 1988
5/26/07 12:29:58AM
Joe Rogan kicks ass
5/26/07 1:27:04AM
haha the espn caster's play by play is so awkward.
5/26/07 7:36:06AM
Joe Didnt defend the UFC. He defended the sport. Cudos to him.
5/26/07 8:23:07AM
Even if you don't like Joe's Commentating, it's hard not to like the guy when he's debating MMA with a boxing tool.
5/26/07 12:43:50PM
I love Joe
5/26/07 2:17:32PM
It was great. I couldnt believe it went on for the first 15 minutes of sportscenter....

That boxing guy was a douche no doubt.... he had a chip on his shoulder before the interview even started, and joe was cool at first then was like alright Im gonna school you now.... LEGENDARY
5/26/07 2:47:06PM
Love the comment under the vid :D

"Boxing is like a handjob, and MMA is a hot sweaty orgy with 5 chicks."
5/26/07 3:19:55PM
"The famous people that you have right now, are the only famous people that are gonna exist in the future for boxing.
The Oscar De La Hoyas, Berdard Hopkins, the Jermaine Taylors, the guys that were already famous before the UFC came along.
There will be no more new ones, they will all go to MMA!" - Joe Rogan
5/26/07 4:23:55PM
"Boxing is getting swallowed"...LOL Is it just me or did Dibella start sounding like a little bitch?
5/26/07 7:25:24PM

Posted by J-Love08

Man Joe tore their asses up ... Way to prove that MMA is a real sport.

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