UFC 86 video hype for ‘Jackson vs Griffin’ on July 5

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6/16/08 8:35:57PM
Here’s the extended version for the pay-per-view (PPV) slated for the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada:

6/16/08 9:52:43PM
It's amazing. No matter what the fight is, those hype videos always work to get my hyped up. I really like how they try to gear them toward people who actually know what the eff they are talking about.

How about Cote vs. Almeida? That fight has been overlooked a lot, but I think it'll be a solid matchup. Almeida and Cote are both guys who have always been overlooked, and I think that fight will steal the show and will be a 3-round war.

I LOL'd when Almeida said that Cote hits so hard that your hair won't go back wherever he hits you. Almeida could look cool as a bald dude.

But seriously, every fight on this card looks like it could be close. Aurelio-Griffin will be another war, and Stevenson-Tibau is very intriguing. Hell, even Gurgel-Miller could steal the show. And plus, Corey Hill baby!
6/16/08 10:20:45PM
this is gonna be one hell of a fight. i cant even decide who to root for
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