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5/2/11 9:21:58AM
Heres a video showing the actual eye poke see if it changes peoples opinion of GSP. Thats a pretty sick eye poke and he still fought on to win a dominant decision!

LINK to eye poke
5/2/11 10:10:22AM
lol, Shields looks like he's smiling once he does it. But yeah, I noticed gsp blinking quite a bit in the middle of either round 2 or 3 (don't remember which round, I was stoned). You've got to think that had a huge affect on his performance. Not taking away from Jake but if he still can't see out of his eye hours after the fight then that's definitely a sign.
5/2/11 10:30:34AM
That Jake Shields sure is a crafty son of a snitch. Anyone remember Bloodsport?..Frank Dukes would've still finished Shields with TWO blurry eyes! Lol jk.
5/2/11 10:33:08AM
nice one
5/2/11 5:59:39PM
why was Jake slapping GSP? that definitely wasn't thrown to be a punch.
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