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8/17/07 11:12:15AM
i think for a video game Andrei Arlovski and Cro Cop would be a great stand up battle. as well i would be michael bisping against forrest griffin - love em both but good fight
8/18/07 9:22:53PM
i'd pick randy vs sherk...sherk bugs the crap out of me. i would wanna see him get beat down bad.
8/18/07 10:36:37PM
I'll relive Silva vs Leben
8/19/07 4:56:50PM
i would be anderson silva and i would destroy matt hughes
8/19/07 7:00:06PM
couture vs liddell just wanna see randy gnp chuck again
8/19/07 10:21:08PM
I'm gonna be Matt Hughes and smack around Serra first. Then I'm gonna grab someone and knock around Diego for a while. It will awesome to beat those two up. It may never get old.
9/16/07 10:14:45AM

Posted by masodd

i would be anderson silva and i would destroy matt hughes

What is wrong with hughes

Rashad Evans vs.Tito ortiz in a beat down
9/16/07 10:44:22AM
i would be chuck liddell and beat the shit out of brandon vera cause he's a punk
9/16/07 4:28:47PM
I think I would have a cpu vs cpu match with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Frank Mir.
9/16/07 6:08:38PM

Posted by tepid55

I think I would have a cpu vs cpu match with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Frank Mir.

What about nog vs nog ???
9/16/07 6:17:52PM
I'll find a cheat code that allows me get unlimited attributes in the create a fighter mode (if any) then I'll create Fedor (that's why you need unlimited attributes).
Then I'll fight any Character......

if not....

Shogun vs Karo ..... so I can finally see Karo getting beat up

9/16/07 6:43:19PM
Any match would be nice for me, it needs to come out for Computer.
9/16/07 11:41:12PM
Create myself and beat the hell out of Fedor.
9/17/07 6:36:39PM
I would do Anderson "The Spider" Silva versus Marcio "Shogun" Rua...

I honestly think that would be the best MMA match possible right now if any could be made. You could also make an argument to throw GSP in against either one of them if weight didnt matter...I think those are the three most well rounded skilled fighters in the world right now. (excluding Fedor, cause thats obvious)
9/17/07 7:47:52PM
Id pick Shogun and hit Random so the computer picks my opponent......... but if I had to pick...... Id pick Tito so I could bash his face in with some knees from Shogun.

They should have Pride rules and Ufc rules in this game..... that would be sweet.
9/19/07 1:41:41AM
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (player) vs any ground fighter so i can take them down and they think they are going to pull off a triangle, so while they are doing that i will powerbomb them!

or just rampage (player) vs shogun (cpu)
9/19/07 8:45:16AM
Im gonna play as chuck and Im gonna fight (one of the fighters I hate above all others) Jorge Gurgel!
9/19/07 9:12:39AM
GSP VS Hughes to see the head kick again
9/23/07 9:55:53PM
Rampage vs Chuck.
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9/23/07 9:56:52PM
or Rampage vs Couture..that'll be a good one
4/13/08 6:24:33AM
Chuck vs. Rampage....Just so Chuck could get his title back
Anderson vs. Chuck...badass stand up war
Chris Leben vs. Dan Henderson....Iron chins
4/13/08 2:37:44PM
i would be bj penn vs matt hughes or GSP vs matt hughes

also i hope u can make a fight and watch it cause then i would watch BJ vs GSP =D
4/14/08 2:30:33PM
Jardine Vs Silva
4/14/08 2:38:20PM
4/14/08 2:50:59PM
Wayne Weems -vs- Marlon Sims
4/14/08 9:11:55PM
YES Wayne weems that would be sick if he was in the game i definetely do carrer mode with him
4/14/08 10:22:01PM

Posted by KillaMed87

I hope they have EVERYBODY, but honestly i dont think they will have Fedor. Well prob see upper tier organizations come out with video games after the inevitable success of UFC 2007.

Id also do rampage against Mevlin Guilard cuz id wana see Melvin get hurt way too cocky, i loved when he got tapped out in 27 secs by Daddy after talkin all that smack...i think i need new pants too

They probably won't have Fedor, but I'm sure that if you look on the internet after the game comes out, there will be somebody that could tell you how to create him. But, that is if they have a create a fighter mode.
4/14/08 11:24:06PM
i would smack serra around with the entire roster first.

i wonder how lesnar would be that might be fun.... lesnar vs bj penn idk who id be.
4/15/08 3:41:40PM
spencer fisher vs kenny florian
4/15/08 7:37:26PM
first im gonna create ruthless lawler and face mcfedries or leben just for the slugfest.
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