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7/17/07 11:28:20PM
Alright, you finally get the game and pop it in, whats the first match you would do? Weight classes dont matter, who would you be, who would you face and why?

I would be Anderson Silva and beat the hell out of Matt Serra cuz i "dislike" him...a lot

I cant wait till it comes out, sooooooooo excited

7/17/07 11:30:15PM
Joe Lauzon in a career mode of some sort. Maybe ill play my brother tho with Josh Koscheck oh man the possibilities...ill be back need new pants again.
7/17/07 11:30:45PM
Chuck Rampage just to Chuck get knocked out again
or maybe nock out Shogun with Chuck
Or superman punch Matt Hughes with GSP
oh man its gonna be dope
7/17/07 11:32:31PM
Are they gonna put new fighters if they come before the game comes out like Fedor man his ratings would be like all 99s
7/17/07 11:42:57PM
I hope they have EVERYBODY, but honestly i dont think they will have Fedor. Well prob see upper tier organizations come out with video games after the inevitable success of UFC 2007.

Id also do rampage against Mevlin Guilard cuz id wana see Melvin get hurt way too cocky, i loved when he got tapped out in 27 secs by Daddy after talkin all that smack...i think i need new pants too
7/17/07 11:48:05PM
Mirko and diego...thats how much I hate diego.
7/17/07 11:48:19PM
7/17/07 11:51:45PM
Does anyone know if it's coming out on Wii?
7/17/07 11:53:49PM
I think I would go GSP Vs Anderson Silva, cause GSP is that dam good
7/17/07 11:55:43PM
It would be even that much better on the wii
7/18/07 12:49:03AM
AH man this is just getting me more anxious!!!
7/18/07 1:08:18AM
i would have chuck fight diego. dont like diego
7/18/07 1:22:58AM
Chuck and tito. haha
7/18/07 9:10:04AM

Posted by cmill21

Mirko and diego...thats how much I hate diego.

I dislike Diego with a passion.
My first match will probaly be Shogun vs Diego. Then i'll get serious and tap everyone out with Babalu...and not throw any useless knees.....damn knees....friggen Jason Lambert
7/18/07 9:32:21AM
hahaha, I kept asking all my friends, why the hell does babalu keep throwing those damn knees? then Bink out like a lamp with a mushed face.
7/18/07 10:40:21AM
Big Nogueira vs Randy Couture. what a ground fight that would be. or Chuck vs Shogun.
7/18/07 12:46:47PM
Liddell vs. Rampage or Silva if he's in the game
7/18/07 4:21:12PM
Probably CroCop vs some lightweight that I can headkick very easily. I think there should be a mini-game, where you give a random opponent a head-kick and see how far you can knock their limp, unconcious body. Maybe Chuck Liddell could have a Nyquil-drinking contest with Joe Rogan. I think its a great idea!
7/18/07 7:31:06PM
i would play a 2 player game, and i would be rampage, player 2 would be chuck, then i would sit controller 2 down and beat the shit out of chuck. lol
7/19/07 1:44:18AM
I would do Wandy vs. Fedor..... just cuz i would love to see them really square off...
8/6/07 9:34:25PM
I would head kick my way through career mode With CroCop I would only need one Button!!!!!!!!
8/7/07 12:26:13AM
Ok, idk if theyll let us pick dif weight matchup fights but if so I want to get Coture and beat the shit out of Kos. The prob will have Roger vs Franca. That would be a nice fight on paper
8/7/07 12:46:41AM
Cro Cop v. Gonzaga... to erase the pain.
8/7/07 12:48:00AM
Rampage (cpu) vs Ortiz (cpu)... i wanna watch the computer fight eachother first... i wanna see how the game looks... i want to see both my fighters kick the crap out of eachother....

But my first fight would be Rampage (player) vs Liddell (cpu)/Ortiz
8/7/07 3:11:57AM
Chuck VS Rampage

So I can woop Rampage S Ass
8/7/07 10:13:55AM
Sherk vs BJ Penn
8/17/07 10:48:05AM
Leben vs. Ruediger: the battle for number 1 Douche!!!!!
8/17/07 10:50:37AM

Posted by Manfred

Does anyone know if it's coming out on Wii?

That would be something....
8/17/07 11:03:24AM
Have they came out with a release date yet?
8/17/07 11:06:08AM
My first fight would be whoever they give me to fight in career mode's first fight then i will sub him or beat him up for a decision.....but then i would take Tim Sylvia (who for some reason i've recently started to like maybe its appeal of him not fighting and the though of him being a 6'9 striker with really heavy hands) and show jab cro cop around for three rounds
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