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POLL: Will you get the game, and for what system?
No 7% (3)
Yes, Xbox 360 57% (24)
Yes, PS3 17% (7)
I will buy a system for the game!!!!!! 19% (8)
7/15/07 1:41:49PM
check out the graphics in the game

here is for rampage fans

THQ will be releasing the game in the first quarter of 2008
there isnt much news about the game and the players in it but im guessing it will have most of them.if u can find any other info post it

add props
7/15/07 1:59:59PM
I'm hookin it up for 360 fa show.
7/15/07 3:59:53PM
7/15/07 4:29:43PM
ill b getting this for ps3
7/15/07 6:42:48PM
im getin it for da 360!!!
Fanboy 1988
7/15/07 7:57:21PM
7/15/07 8:46:07PM
it does look like a great game
7/15/07 9:09:05PM
Already have the 360, so I'll probably buy it for that.

But then again I may buy PS3 for FF13, so who knows.
7/16/07 11:29:58AM
360 for sure!

If this game has online i bet 360's will be the best

plus the 360's controller rumbles!
7/16/07 12:00:46PM
is it only being released for 360 and ps3? cause if it is that sucks for the poor guys like me who only have a ps2, 400 dollars for a game system F that.
7/16/07 5:49:07PM
Fanboy 1988
7/16/07 8:29:06PM
I wonder if that was in game footage? Or if they just spiced it up to make it look good...
7/16/07 9:11:08PM
definetly not in-game
7/16/07 9:23:28PM
im lucky i just got a 360 but it didnt matter i would have got 1 for this game this game is going to blow fighting games out of the water i cant wait to get my hands on this
7/17/07 4:58:37PM
even if the graphics arent like the vid, they will still be shocking
7/20/07 2:36:55PM
7/27/07 1:58:03AM
Well my brother has a 360 so I guess that is what i will get it for
12/22/07 8:26:04AM
PS3 man! Thats looks awesome.
12/22/07 9:09:32AM
I most definently want to play this game,but they are realy going to have to make great leaps and bounds to make this an authentic MMA game.While the PRIDE game was a start in the right direction for MMA games,it was only a start.

The first thing they need to fully utilize is fighting out of the clinch.All the games have severly neglected the clinch phase of combat.I believe it was totaly abscent from the UFC games.The Pride game had a respectable clinch phase,but still,it was only a start in the right direction.
12/22/07 10:26:52AM
In the UFC game I have you can clinch against the fence but you can only use it for getting a takedown. So it's not completely neglected but the striking from the clinch is. I'm definitely gonna get this game hopefully they have made some good changes and what I hope for most is that they improved the season/carrer mode since Sudden Impact. It's pretty boring lol. Also, you should be able to have title matches in exhibition so whoever is the champ comes out with the belt for other exhibition matches. Kind of like in the WWE game.
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