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2/28/12 3:38:14PM
Prior to moving to the UFC, and eventually notching the biggest win of his career against Frankie Edgar at UFC 144, Ben Henderson first made a name for himself during that impressive run in the WEC. Henderson entered that promotion in 2009 with a 7-1 record, and won five straight bouts, capturing the promotion's title in the process.

What most people didn't know about him though, is that before he eventually entered the WEC, Henderson tried out for a slot at season 9 of The Ultimate Fighter.

His audition tape has just been released and it shows highlights of his early MMA career, and a younger Benson Henderson predicting that he was going to win the UFC Lightweight Championship:

"I fought my way through the smaller shows, now it's my time to dance underneath the big lights. I will win the UFC Season 9 Ultimate Fighter, and I will fight for the title. You are looking at the future lightweight champion of the UFC."

Check it!
2/28/12 9:17:22PM
I think the glasses and toothpick hurt him from landing in TUF but it was a blessing. It was better for him to fight in WEC to slowly progress his skills further until fighting in the UFC.

2/28/12 10:44:27PM
I think listing his black belt in taekwondo first hurt him more than his look.
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