**VIDEO** Avellan Shows The Prayer Heel Hook!

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11/26/11 4:25:03PM

I got a LOT of positive feedback about the knee cut across
pass video - a.k.a. the Avellan Trademark Pass :) Check out
the positive feedback on the comments section on the
bottom of this page here:


By the way, if you liked the video yourself, please go ahead
and drop a comment yourself! The comments help me out and
also motivate me to put out more and more videos!

I got so many requests about seeing variations to this pass
and learning more about the different techniques to use in
conjunction with it, that I decided to share one of my best
secondary attacks to use with the knee cut across pass...
which is the Prayer Heel Hook! Check it out in this video!

If you like it, all I ask for these free techniques is that
you drop a comment or a "TTT" on here and on the
bottom of the page listed below:


Thanks a lot and practice this technique safely!

11/26/11 11:20:57PM
id really like toi watch the vid but it says there something wrong with the page, im not sure if its me or you. the last vid was really good, i used that pass just today at practice
11/26/11 11:46:21PM
My bad, I was working on the website and accidentally messed up with the server, it is bad up now :)
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