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12/7/08 11:48:02AM
Props to anyone who can find this video I was working last night and missed it but I was hoping someone on here could help me watch cause I tried to avoid finding out what happed. I had Oscar in the 5th
12/7/08 11:55:27AM
Not the best quality, but it does the job in a pinch

12/7/08 12:07:34PM
advice on the video dont blink youll miss multiple pounches
12/7/08 1:11:33PM
Pacquiao has rekindled my interest in boxing. he is just so explosive; it is beautiful to watch.
12/7/08 1:29:13PM
WOW DLH looked like he wanted to punch but nothing was coming out(also known as I should retire now)
Pacman was just a speed ball of destuction

Thanks for the vid
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