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6/27/12 11:35:18PM
On July 7th at UFC 148 in Las Vegas, Nevada, fight fans will finally get a resolution to one of the most talked about fights in UFC history as Anderson Silva collides with Chael Sonnen for the title for a second time. It’s a championship bout that didn’t need any help to hype, but that received an enormous push with a now frighteningly serious Silva and an always ready Sonnen.

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6/28/12 12:26:19AM
A teaser to a blockbuster ass-kicking.......the King-Slayer (Chael) will retire the Placebo Chump once and for all.

It will be the biggest one-sided beat-down for a championship fight in the history of combat sports.

I wouldn't be surprised if anDEE called it off like a coward.
6/29/12 8:12:32PM