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2/26/07 9:26:09AM
From Sherdog

Wandy said he would rematch him for no title and has no problem with Shogun getting the next shot. "It's his time" His english sounded better too!
2/26/07 9:37:47AM
It's admirable how he really tries his best to speak english as much as possible so more people can hear what he's saying from his own mouth and not from an interpreter.

I'm glad he sounded okay about the loss and that he seemed to already be looking forward to the next fight.

I also like his answer to why he's got two consecutive KO losses. It's just that he fought 2 of the best p4p fighters in the world in Pride and with those gloves anything can happen. It doesn't always have to be a strange reason behind everything.

He's THE true warrior and I'm sure he'll be back.
2/26/07 1:30:26PM
What a class act, Wandy is the definition of a true warrior...

I for one feel lucky to have been able to watch him for the better part of the last 10 years, and hope to see him come back hungry...
2/26/07 1:39:19PM
You need to give it up for Wandy. I just hope he rests his body up this time and comes back with his warrior spirit.

No excuses, no bullshit, straight-up warrior.

I'm excited he's decided to let Shogun get the title. If Shogun does get the Pride belt then we'll probably won't see Wand hold it for at least a year or two.
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