*vid* Check out the 8 second KO of the Night from V3 Fights in Memphis, TN last weekend!!

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6/22/10 4:31:16PM
| V3 Fights: KO of the Night |

V3 Fights Lightweight Title fight ended quickly and in a devastating fashion!
6/22/10 7:32:00PM
I feel like about 1 minute or possibly even more could have been cut out of that video and the point would have been well taken still.

Whoever made the video needs to learn a lesson from Strikeforce's failures- annoying music is just that. Annoying.

That being said to KO a dude while backing up like that is pretty impressive. Caught him on the button with a straight right hand. That's what I like to see!
6/22/10 7:37:14PM
Which part should be cut out? The ad, fight introduction, KO, celebration, or replay? They all seem fairly important...besides, if you havent got 1 minutes 30 seconds to view a clip then maybe you should free up your schedule!

Also, it's a highlight video, the live stream doesn't have music.
6/22/10 7:47:35PM
I'll be honest with you in saying that (personally) I found the musical selection really annoying. I like rap music and all of that but that song didn't seem fitting for whatever reason.

There's a couple seconds at the beginning and at the end of just blackness that should be cropped out IMO. The fade in takes too long is what it boils down to, I guess. The logo is pretty cool actually.

I don't get why we don't get to hear the crowd noise of the actual fight? The music kind of just lowers in volume and we're stuck watching a dead silent scrap between two guys with a really annoying song in the background. I want to get lost in the moment as the announcer does his introduction. I want to hear the anticipation of the crowd, the referee scream "FIGHT!" and the crowd's reaction to the giant KO. Not some annoying song on low volume.

Trying not to be incredibly harsh here but that's the constructive criticism I'd provide. I'll be honest- the first time I watched the clip I just skipped to the good part because the music was annoying me and the advertisement took too long. For some casual fan cruising through the internet they're going to skip through all that stuff too. Unless it's shortened up.
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