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12/23/12 1:04:51AM
Over the past few years the UFC middleweight picture has become chaotic. With reigning king Anderson Silva still holding court, the race to become next in line has been a storm of trash-talk, hype, and public posturing, as the weight class' best fighters have jockeyed for divisional position.

The formula has provided short-term gains for some, but success for none, as no contender has been able to dethrone the champion.

As these various scenarios have played out, Alan Belcher has simply been handling his business and dispatching of everything thrown his way.

12/23/12 2:23:23AM
i dont see belcher getting past bisping but that doesnt mean i wouldnt want to see him get a title shot IF he does in fact earn it. i like belchers style and have been a fan for a long time. plus, after him have all those eye problems and saying he has to retire and then coming back and proving he still has it, that was great
12/23/12 4:03:55AM
Belcher is a much more dangerous guy than bisping..if he were to fight him he would probably have to finish in order to win. I picture bisping taking the decision though if it went that far..just because of his work rate.
12/23/12 9:07:52AM
12/23/12 11:18:49AM

Posted by BeeR


but my head is saying Okami will wrestle the crap out of him!
12/23/12 2:45:09PM
I'm going with belcher. I wouldn't be suprised if he stops him
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