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9/23/07 9:28:37AM's Greg Savage spoke with Keith Jardine (Pictures) shortly after his impressive upset victory over former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell

9/23/07 12:09:50PM
exactly chuck needs to swallow his pride and start training harder than ever
9/23/07 5:08:09PM
Damn man, don't pull no punches...tell them how you feel!!! If you watch the interviews, all the guys seem pretty cool and respectful about their opponents. I just think that Diego should get stronger like he said instead of cutting wieght...the LW div is soo stacked that I don't think his chances are any better than where he is at right now.
9/23/07 5:33:48PM
he looked pretty dam beat up.
9/23/07 8:25:31PM

Chuck is too one dimensional for "now days fighting"?!? ROFL!!!

You have GOT to be kidding me. Are you saying Jardine is more well rounded than Chuck?! They've got the same friggin style of game!! All that happened in 76 was Chuck couldn't handle the damage from the repeated leg kicks. He didn't seem to have a good plan for dealing with them, which I attribute to lack of preparation. He might have trained his butt off, but I think he went in there just expecting to put Keith to sleep no problem. Oops.

Up until 4 months ago, Chuck was the undisputed ruler of the light heavies in the UFC. I seriously don't think the game has changed THAT MUCH in 4 months. Give me a break.

Chuck got caught against Rampage. It happens. Against Jardine, I think he simply didn't take it serious enuf. Everybody who follows MMA knows Liddell parties like a rock star. It's gone to his head and he started believing his own press. Reality check.

If Liddell prepares properly and comes into his next fight with a gameplan - as opposed to just expecting to kick someone's ass - then he'll be a load, I don't care WHO you put in front of him. A focused Liddell is still EASILY one of the top 5 light heavies on the planet. Anybody who says different is abandoning ship way too soon.
9/24/07 1:54:58AM
more and more excuses,, come on... this is just dumb... it wasnt just jardine leg kicks. jardine completly rocked liddell in the second round, he beat him so good, he even went to the wrong corner!!!!!!!
that liddell parties too much that he didnt take jardine seriously, should i keep going?
this a career for him... as a fighter you cant just affort to lose,

he got caught with rampage? please watch the fight, in those 1 minutes 53 seconds, everytime that liddell wanted to do something rampage always stopped him... you can see that in first exchace they had, the face of chuck didnt look the same, he was worried!

and the jardine thing... damn! if you watch the UFC 76 preview . Dana explains how he thinks the both are gonna come up, and it happen exactly like that...and stand up war, jardine with the leg kicks and those crazy punches, and you're gonna tell me liddell didnt trained for that? .. watch jardine's fights... there is always those leg kicks...... there is no excuses for that...

tito, horn, babalu, they are not stand up guys,
tell me another fighter with a striking ability and KO power that liddell have faced?

jackson showed liddell who's the man!
and Jardine did such a good job... that was a really good fight... and after all those "boos" ...Jardine beat liddell and no one its gonna chance that.

and i dont know i just have the feeling that what happen to tito after he lost his title.. its gonna happen to liddell now... maybe 8 month ago i dont remember , i read and i saw interviews... and liddells what saying that he probably what gonna move to heavyweight,,, and he was planning fight crop cop... let see what happens... i just think that liddell was overrated!!!!

9/24/07 2:02:52AM
So, if you were so sure of this, why did you pick Chuck to win? Hindsight is 20/20 for everyone dude, so give it a rest.
9/24/07 2:23:38AM
one thing is who do want him to win and who i think its gonna win... (this is a gambling game) is a diferent thing ... my fake money was on jardine check it... and also a just got 5 points i think... so there no complains... except for all chuck liddells excuses
9/24/07 2:26:21AM
oh and thanks for the deleting my message i didnt know about that.