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POLL: Should veterans be allowed to compete in the IFL?
Yes 90% (9)
No 10% (1)
4/16/07 8:53:54PM
I'm a pretty big fan of the IFL and what it represents for newer fighters and the coaches alike, their concept works very well to help up-and-coming fighters get their name out and have a big name coach to train under, however their are certain fighters like Vladimir Matyushenko, Vernon White and Joe Doerkson who already have accomplished careers. These fighters pose an odd circumstance to the IFL, as they could still be big names in the MMA circuit. In the IFL they help to stack a team, giving them a better chance and often a sure thing, however it also poses a huge threat to alot of up-and-comers...

So the question is, should long time vets be allowed to fight on an IFL team?
4/16/07 9:35:47PM
This should be in the Other Orgs forum... don't know why I put it here...
4/16/07 9:42:42PM
IFL sucks, its the only thing they can do to get people to watch, oh my bad i did not see that you considered them up and comers i still think its boring
4/16/07 10:07:25PM
Veterans should be allowed but also, to grow they need more top fighters. I personally am not a big fan of the team aspect of the IFL, but I still enjoy the fights.
4/16/07 10:41:35PM
I don't mind it at all. Its not like its cheating to bring a really good fighter into your team, and considering the guys that have been picked up for the 2007 season, I'm pretty sure every team will be mostly established fighters and a few of the up and comers that have been discovered through IFL.
4/16/07 11:21:42PM
The IFL does not claim to be "the minor league". I have no problem with the IFL and what they are trying to do. In fact, if they start getting more coaches in the ring you could probably call it the Senior Tour!

Seriously though, I do think that we need a more streamlined and standardized way for fighters to come up through the ranks. That being said, I think one great way for young fighters to get better is by fighting experienced but declining competition.
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