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9/27/11 8:25:11PM
Nice to see a free title fight. Last weekend the denver fights were great
Got great pics to add to my collection, and met duane ludwig a few times
He is a cool dude!!!

Fight of the night

Easy cruz vs mighty mouse should be a entertaining 5 round fight!!

Knockout of night

Will go with pat barry knocking out struve

Sub of night

If any paul sass catching another triangle


If any brennaman may not keep AJ down but he may be able to sub him
9/27/11 8:54:09PM
FOTN: Neer & Keither

KOTN: Barry over Struve

SOTN: Sass over Johnson
9/27/11 9:16:06PM
FOTN- Cruz vs Johnson
KOTN- Wiman
9/27/11 10:16:14PM
FOTN: Cruz vs Mighty Mouse, two of the quickest guys in the division going at it for 5 rounds? sounds good to me!
KOTN: Barry over Struve
SOTN: Yves Edwards over Rafaello Olivera
9/28/11 6:12:12PM
FOTN: Dominator vs Mighty Mouse

KOTN: Rumble over Brenneman

SOTN: Sass over Johnson via sassangle (I really hope!)
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