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7/25/10 12:42:14PM
I gotta say after june I was a lil tired of watching fights every week on tv.
But now I am hungry to see some damm fights
Aug will be awesome ufc, bellator, wec and strikeforce

Anyways versus ufc. In my town gonna be a crazy weekend running from
Work to weigh in s and fights each weekend day.

Fight of the night

Gotta go with tyson griffin vs gomi
Always wanted to see gomi fight live, griffin always brings it.
Should be a great fight

Sub of the night
Gonna go with kimmons subbing out steinbess out of the ufc
I was shocked to now he was still in the ufc when they annouced the fight
A lil weird considering kimmons was going to drop weight to welter was going to fight pierce before he got injured, and now stays at middleweight


Going with james irvin, glad we won't see skeletor's twin at the weigh in and
I can stop referring to him as "the walking dead". Will be flash knockout

I was gonna go with bones. But bones usually goes for the tko win not ko
And ufc rarely gives a tko knock out of the night.


If their is one I would say munoz wrestles okami down for 3 rounds
But with okami's new BBF. Chael sonnen. I think okami will be ready for munoz
7/25/10 2:06:07PM
FOTN: Howard Ellenberger
SOTN: Okami
KOTN: (i gotta agree with you) Irvin
Upset of the night: If there is one Vlad to defeat Jones
7/25/10 5:18:04PM
FOTN: Jones vs Vladdy
SOTN: Kimmons
KOTN: Ellenberger
Upset: Gomi
7/25/10 11:22:22PM
FOTN: Volkman v Kelly
KOTN: Irvin (Please god!)
SOTN: Jhonson over Riddle
UOTN: Elkins over Oliveira
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