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3/5/10 3:46:55PM
What are your picks for the night's bonuses?
Mine are:
FOTN: Jones vs Vera (Jones)
KOTN: Irvin over Sakara
SOTN: Guida over Gugerty
UOTN: Paulino over Pierce
3/5/10 4:04:34PM
FOTN: Jones/Vera
SOTN: None
KOTN: Dos Santos (over Gonzaga)
UPSET: ? (I don't predict any but I'm probably wrong.)
3/5/10 4:07:26PM
FOTN jones over vera
KOTN irvin over sakara
I don't have a sub or an upset on this card
3/5/10 4:12:20PM
FOTN: JDS over Gonzaga
KOTN: Ludwig
SOTN: I dont have any, but my guess would be Big Red over Brilz if any
Upset: Marshall over Vlad
3/5/10 5:07:49PM
fight of night vera vs jones
knock out kongo over buentello
sub shafer over brilz
upset marshall over the janitor
3/5/10 5:08:37PM
KOTN: Dos Santos over Gonzaga
SOTN: Schaub over Gormley
FOTN: Jones vs Vera
3/5/10 5:26:30PM
3/5/10 7:49:54PM
I like:

Sotn- Red over Brilz
Kotn- Kongo over Paul (though I think Irvin and JDS have good chanes as well)
Fotn-Bones vs Vera
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