UFC on Versus 4: Pat Barry – No More Mr. Nice Guy

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6/23/11 7:57:13PM
If there’s one thing you can say about UFC heavyweight Pat Barry beyond his fight skills, it’s that he’s a hell of a nice guy.

During his Q&A appearance prior to UFC on Versus 3 in Louisville, Ky., Barry had a room full of fans laughing and joking along with him as he told stories and answered questions.

At the UFC Fighter Summit, Barry somehow managed to strip down to his underwear and sit quietly during one of the talks being given, while fighters all around him chuckled and couldn’t help but laugh at the gentle giant’s antics.

He even famously knocked down his idol Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic when they fought, and helped him back up.

6/23/11 8:19:43PM
How about no more mr. annoying guy
6/23/11 9:34:35PM
Yadda, yadda, yadda....same song and dance from Barry.

King Kongo via 2nd rd destruction.
6/23/11 10:11:19PM
Bary is about to get crushed into obscurity.

He will be so humiliated after the pounding he's about to take that he will be "Mr. Nice Guy" all day long to avoid the possibility of a second humiliating beating.

PS. Clearly I'm exaggerating. I do think he's going to get annihilated though.
6/23/11 11:27:29PM
What did this guy do that is making him receive all this hate?
6/23/11 11:32:57PM
I like Barry personally. He does lack the killer instinct though. Too many times has he been in a position to end a fight and doesn't take advantage.
6/24/11 1:00:37PM
Barry is awesome, one of the nicest guys in the sport. i will be rooting for him and hopes he chops him down

that being said, Kongo will wrestle him for 3 rounds like he did vs Buentello and Hardy/Rumble. Kongo will also try for a couple ball shots in the clinch, but since Barry is short it will just hit him in the chest instead.
6/25/11 2:21:23PM
Now I've got the safe pick of a Kongo wrestling UD as well....maybe even a late TKO.....but Barry is way cool.....a bit too short for the HW Div IMO but to each his own....now if he can clip Kongo like Mir did a while back, especially with a body shot followed by a head kick we could see a very short fight as my faith in Kongo's chin is quite a bit shaken and not a bit stirred.
6/25/11 2:27:31PM
i keep hearing that barry is this savage kickboxer with crazy good kicks. im still waiting to see all this. not once have i been impressed with barry in any aspect of the game. he kicked the crap out of beltrans legs but still couldnt finish him. i like the guys personality, hes pretty funny and respectful but not a good fighter. to much hype and not enough performance.
6/26/11 4:50:21PM
^ I have to disagree, I think it's pretty obvious he has nasty kicks... he crippled Beltran, he fell down and tapped out right as the horn went to end their fight.

He stopped Evensen via kicks... to say he doesn't have impressive kicks is a bit silly.
6/27/11 12:37:00AM
That was a crazy fight.
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