UFC on Versus 6's Charlie Brenneman ready for his latest big challenge

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10/1/11 7:52:17AM
It's Charlie Brenneman's time. Is he ready?

Across from him Saturday is big, scary Anthony Johnson. The guy who sometimes cuts 50 pounds to make welterweight. The guy who knocks out opponents with head kicks and can wrestle, to boot.

If you ask Brenneman, of course he's ready. He's been competing against those much bigger and more intimidating guys for quite some time, and this is just an extension of that.

10/1/11 10:54:19AM
I can't get the Hendricks loss out of my head. Johnson wins this all day long by being the bigger, more powerful fighter.

Johnson 2nd round ko
10/1/11 2:19:06PM
I see Johnson winning this handily... Although thats what we said about Story
10/1/11 2:21:14PM
Rumble will be a big challenge, since AJ should have a huge size adv.
10/1/11 3:18:14PM
Rumble by being too crunk and being the man. TKO 1
10/1/11 5:19:33PM
I think Charlie Brenneman has a great shot at winning this fight, and will win.
I had him against Rick Story and he didn't disappoint then, so I figure he
will out wrestle Johnson and win a decision win.

I expect Johnson to underestimate Charlie, and get out wrestled.
10/1/11 5:49:09PM
Rumble handed Koscheck his neck on a silver platter. if Brenneman gets this fight down, it might be the same story.
10/2/11 2:09:39AM
He was not
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