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3/4/11 12:33:27AM

Posted by Aether

I think the fight metric stats will be pretty amusing on this one. I'm guessing the ratio of diego's punches thrown to punches landed will be pretty massive.

Diego landed only 25% of his strikes. And yeah, Fightmetric has it 29-28 for Kampmann.
3/4/11 5:58:42AM
I guess throwing wild punches landing a few, trying 30 take downs landing 1, pressing forward and getting your face turned to ground beef scores more points then clean crisp technical counter striking, stuffing every take down but 1 and turning your opponents face into a vagina on a weeks vacation.

seriously, I totally give diego the second round, but come on, he won this fight with ONE take down, how is ONE take down worth more points then stuffing 15-30?

I think they should start using Refs as judges, not that the refs dont make mistakes, but if you have Big John, Herb Dean and yamasaki scoring a fight, the winner will actually win.

just dont let miragliota score.

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