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6/26/11 8:24:20PM
Joe Daddy looked terrible
6/26/11 8:25:42PM
in all seriousness was that a fight? Daddy and Vazquez could both get walking papers as far as im concerned
6/26/11 8:25:46PM
Stevenson is regressing as a fighter.
6/26/11 8:25:57PM

Posted by Aether

it's so frustrating to see a guy just blatantly ignoring his corner's advice and losing as a result, especially when he's laughing and smiling while doing it.

Its like Joe didn't even try. Not only did he not listen to his corner he made very little effort to do anything.
6/26/11 8:27:07PM
I would have scored it 29-28 to Vasquez, changed for Stevenson to Vasquez last minute thanks to my camp, pleased with another 11 pts.

4-2 34 pts.
6/26/11 8:27:12PM
Damn Joe might be gone. That kinda sucks
6/26/11 8:28:08PM
I went Griffin UD on this fight.
6/26/11 8:28:42PM
Javy wouldn't get cut after a win.
6/26/11 8:29:16PM
Dana is not happy right now on the pre show. You can tell he so wants to say why Nate didn't pass the pre fight physicals but can't.
6/26/11 8:29:19PM
I actually got Griffin by KO because he was a solid consistent finisher at 145 I'm hoping he brings that back. Was way to small for 155. I expect him to be beastly at 145 hopefully. Manny ain't gonna be the bully so I expect Tyson to pull it out.
6/26/11 8:30:01PM
what i like about Joe Daddy being terrible it makes Mac Danzig realize hes still beaten nobody...Cant stand danzig wanted Cerrone to destroy him...
6/26/11 8:30:27PM

Posted by kopower

Dana is not happy right now on the pre show. You can tell he so wants to say why Nate didn't pass the pre fight physicals but can't.

He should happy be these prelims are SICK! Nate shouldn't ruin that. Great fights > a great fighter
6/26/11 8:33:16PM
Joe Kavey would beat Joe Daddy therre...If you dont know who is Kavey look him up on sherdog...
6/26/11 8:33:49PM

Posted by kopower

Dana is not happy right now on the pre show. You can tell he so wants to say why Nate didn't pass the pre fight physicals but can't.

Seriously Dana is super pissed
6/26/11 8:34:20PM
wow can dana make it seem any more like he just doesnt like marquardt and really needs to learn some humility? from business mogul to god complex....i hope he the fertitas limit his ability soon. not saying he isnt an AMAZING president for the UFC but he is obviously way too ******* emotional about his decisions and its starting to show he doesnt want athletes but outstanding citizens who can fight, id be willing to bet he wont be runing things in 10 years
6/26/11 8:34:22PM
Why can't Dana say anything?

Nate can talk about it though, I thought I read that. Maybe b/c it's nate's issue that he is the only one to say what it is.
6/26/11 8:34:42PM
Argh, I suck this year.

6/26/11 8:35:00PM
I'll never be able to root for Stevenson again after that crap performance. I can't believe he had the nerve to raise his arms as if he'd won when the horn sounded.

Pure crap, Stevenson. You should be embarrassed.
6/26/11 8:38:52PM
I'm just wondering what judge gave stevenson a round.
6/26/11 8:39:50PM
This ref is pissing me off big time!
6/26/11 8:41:10PM

Posted by npayant

This ref is pissing me off big time!

6/26/11 8:41:59PM
I can see the fight in the background on Versus preshow
6/26/11 8:42:20PM
wow cant believe Tyson corner says your doing good after round one...lol
6/26/11 8:44:19PM
I missed a lot these past few days. Surprised with all the news.. Can't believe Dana cut Marquardt.
6/26/11 8:45:25PM
Is the ref mic'ed up? He won't shut up.
6/26/11 8:46:47PM
Herpes Gladatorium (wrestler's pox), for instance, can be contracted from rolling in a gym and is something you will carry forever and can pass on at any time even with no blisters present.

I'm not at all speculating Nate has that or anything like it, but it's an example of a medical condition a fighter could get where it's really shouldn't be something a promotion reveals about a fighter.

But since it's a medical condition that was supposed to be taken care of before fight time, I don't assume it's something permanent like that. I'm just giving an example of a medical condition where it would be really the fighters choice if/when he wants to talk about it.

6/26/11 8:47:06PM
Show the fight on the versus pre show, it is ahead of the stream by like a 1 min.
6/26/11 8:47:07PM
It's like this ref is trying to over-compensate for his horrible reffing job last fight by inexplicably telling these two to "come on, keep it going," etc constantly.
6/26/11 8:47:55PM
Nothing really happening in this except maybe Griffins leg kicks, who do you guys have winning?
6/26/11 8:49:15PM
this is shaping up to be a bad event for me. hopefully I can get 100% of the remaining 4 fights .
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