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10/21/08 1:16:19PM
anyone else npotice vera's corner in the fight yell MAKE HIM PAY, at one point, and vera respond "yes sir"

i have never heard a fighter respond to a coach/ trainers suggestion mid fight..... (sure you see a fighter nod, or look to his corner for help now and then, but acctually vocalize a response that everyone can hear........)

anyone else have any other examples
10/21/08 3:16:15PM
it happens a lot actually... more recently i can remember matt hughes saying "yeah, i know im fine" to his coaches with his rubber match with GSP.
10/21/08 4:52:13PM
You can hear Mayhems corner yelling in his fight with GSP...Use the Retard strength.
10/21/08 5:13:05PM
how about when matt serra over coaches the crap out of all of his fighters then when he's fighting and somebody tries to coach him he yells "I know", i guess he's just perfect.
10/21/08 5:22:05PM
I've talked to the ref and my corner in the middle of a match. Happens all the time.
10/21/08 5:27:06PM
I once had a deep intellectual conversation with my opponent about Nuclear Physics during the middle of a fight.
10/21/08 5:27:12PM
i wonder what he's saying now that he's lost. i've heard other fighters talk back when in the middle of a match.
10/21/08 10:40:33PM
imo vera should not have been talkin and started fightin... he is not the same fighter
10/22/08 1:10:50AM
it makes sense
the way he's fought in his last 4 fights makes it look like he's joined some freakish cult as opposed to an actual fight camp
10/22/08 1:33:27AM
I think vera is better suited for HW, if he builds a little more muscle, i think he benefits more from being the faster and quicker fighter, rather than having a size advatage.
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