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12/16/09 9:52:50AM
No, Jon Jones has not been cut by UFC. Repeat: JON JONES HAS NOT BEEN CUT BY UFC. But it was an apparent (and funny) typo on Brandon Vera's Twitter that was quickly removed yesterday:

"just found out I’m firing Jon Bones Jones on March 21st in Denver Colorado. hope u heard it here first!!!!"

From Cage Potato:

We can only assume that Vera meant "fighting Jon Bones Jones," and that he won't be flying out to Denver to terminate Jones from his contract, Clooney-style. And the March 21st date may also be a misprint: MMA Junkie and MMA Weekly both report that the yet-unsigned fight is actually slated for March 31st, and will headline an Ultimate Fight Night card just four days after UFC 111 (March 27, Newark). The 3/31 Fight Night show will lead directly into the premiere of TUF 11.

Unless Vera has somehow taken over Dana or Donald Trump, I don't think he's "firing" Jones even if he wins. Still funny though.

Edit: Slightly changed the title so people don't get the wrong impression.
12/16/09 9:57:00AM
Damn you, T9.
12/16/09 10:06:22AM
Headline DCRAGE reports Jon Jones was cut by the UFC likley headed to Strikeforce!
12/16/09 11:17:17AM

just saw this on espn rumor. kinda like this thread.

Lowell dead almost done?

Might be changed by the time some people look at it.
12/16/09 12:38:36PM
I changed the thread title so hopefully people don't think Jones has actually been cut, and again he has NOT been cut. It was meant as humor.
12/16/09 12:50:10PM
I think Vera is in huge trouble in this fight.
12/16/09 1:43:07PM
Uhoh Vera... this doesn't sound good for you.

This sounds like a fun one to watch.
12/16/09 2:46:46PM
When jon jones beats Vera it cud well be vera that is going to fight for strikeforce.
12/16/09 6:35:31PM
This just in. Inspired by Vera, Rich Franklin has now fired Anderson Silva.
12/16/09 7:16:42PM

Posted by emfleek

Damn you, T9.

T9 strikes again.

I once tried to text a buddy "It's cool, I'm sober" (he needed me to drive somewhere). It came out "It's book, I'm roads".

Needless to say, there was some confusion.
12/16/09 7:42:31PM

Posted by haggiswashere

This just in. Inspired by Vera, Rich Franklin has now fired Anderson Silva.

LOL! and Frank Mir fired Brock Lesnar twice...
12/16/09 9:15:08PM
Well, Easy Win for Vera
12/16/09 9:43:04PM
lol why would Vera fire someone.
12/17/09 6:34:55AM
And actually, Vera got the date right. Weekly has confirmed 3/21 as the event date. Venue likely is The Odeum Colorado (formerly Broomfield Event Center).
12/17/09 4:11:21PM
Shogun fired Machida after their fight

Sorry I just HAD to use that
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