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4/13/09 6:14:48PM
Although it was originally planned for UFC 101, it now appears that the planned fight between Brandon Vera and Matt Hamill will instead happen at UFC 102. The fight is being finalized for the August 29 event.

4/13/09 11:03:29PM
Awesome. I really hope my boy Hamill wins this, or I will be sour. I think Hamill can win this.
4/13/09 11:04:39PM
Good fight. Looking forward to it.
4/13/09 11:09:18PM
I dont not like this match up. Looks like a bad match up for Hamill, which I dont like.

I will say these fights again.

Hamill vs Brilz
Vera vs Drwal
4/13/09 11:21:19PM
i wonder why they moved it??
i wonder what match will take the main card place at 101??

maybe neer vs pellegrino
4/14/09 1:03:24AM
holy **** this is a good match

i cant even lean towards either guy cause it so close
4/14/09 2:48:44AM
vera's striking is way ahead of matts, the only thing matt has on him is his wrestling which i dont see matt utilize enough.... even if it got to the ground isnt vera a black belt or abu dahbi champ or something
4/14/09 6:21:00AM
Disappointing because I will be at 101, and was looking forward to seeing this fight.
4/14/09 7:12:59PM
Awesome match! WAR Hamill
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