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2/25/09 10:15:36PM is reporting that heavyweights Heath Herring and Cain Velasquez have verbally agreed to fight at UFC 99. Herring has not fought since his unanimous decision loss to now UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, and has gone only 2-3 in the UFC. Velasquez is coming off of a second round TKO victory at UFC Fight Night 17, and boasts an undefeated MMA record of 5-0.

UFC 99 is scheduled to go down on June 13 in Cologne, Germany. The card now looks like this:

* Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva
* Spencer Fisher vs. Caol Uno
* Cain Velasquez vs. Heath Herring
* Mike Swick vs. TBA
* Marcus Davis vs. TBA
* Mirko Cro Cop vs. TBA (according to Mirko at least)

2/25/09 10:18:31PM
Looks solid so far...Cain by murder btw.
2/25/09 10:26:57PM
i cant help but pick valasquez in a snoozefest just like obrien vs herring. If Cain stands with herring i think he'll lose with herring landing good leg kicks and controling the clinch but Cain will stick to his brean and butter and take herring down.... Cain by UD posibly a SD.
2/26/09 2:08:03AM
I think Cain will win, but I am a little biased since I am a huge fan.

In his last fight, Cain fought a kickboxer and not only kept the fight on his feet, but dominated. After the fight, Cain was disappointed because he didn't finish the fight soon enough, so I think he will be more than prepared for the fight.

Herring can't handle strong wrestlers, and his striking isn't brilliant, but this certainly will be an interesting bout.
2/26/09 10:37:36AM
good fight card main card pretty much set

fisher vs uno
franklin vs wandy might be main event
herring vs cain
hady vs davis yes this fight will happen
swick vs ??
that's a good fight card
even if mirko is on the card i would think the fisher vs uno bout would be a pre lim

anyways i like cain, i think he will win by ground n pound
2/26/09 10:43:12AM
Cain will finish where Brock didn't.
2/26/09 12:44:11PM
I wanted to see Dos Santos vs. Velasquez, that is a way more interesting fight than this one.

Velasquez by UD
2/26/09 1:41:39PM

Posted by chickmagnet

I wanted to see Dos Santos vs. Velasquez, that is a way more interesting fight than this one.

Velasquez by UD

I wouldn't mind seeing that fight either, but since both are rather young and new to the UFC it would seem they'd like to bring them up a little slower as appose to having two of their upandcomers fight (knocking one of them down a peg)..

Is Wandy vs Franklin official? That fight sounds phenominal!!! Hope Wand can come back from the Rampage KO, a loss to Franklin could be the end to a storied career for him...

Anyone know if the fight's going to be at MW or if Wand is still planning on dropping?
2/26/09 8:25:38PM
Velasquez by 1st round TKO.
2/27/09 3:05:25PM
tought match..but i think Herring gonna itch this one out..and give Velasquez his first lost...
2/27/09 3:56:22PM
card looks good i gotta go with Cain in this one which is tough cuz i do like Herring but i see much of the same fight as Brock unless he tries to keep it standing. Gonna go with Valasquez by UD or GnP
2/27/09 10:31:31PM
i don't see why everyone thinks that herring would dominate if it stayed standing
cain has excellent standup and he's much quicker than herring
i see cain out-classing herring wherever the fight goes before the stoppage
2/27/09 11:18:53PM
Cain by UD,Herring will get cut by the UFC afterwards since his record will be 2-4.

I have the feeling this card is going to end up being shown on Spike instead of being a PPV.I just don't think that Wandy vs. Rich is a strong enough main event for a PPV.Considering the ratings they've been getting for the tape delayed Spike shows,they'll end up making more money by putting it on Spike anyway.

2/28/09 8:17:41AM
dont sleep on Herring, his back up agianst the walls, if he loose heis likely out of the UFC......

Herring by TKO in 3rd
2/28/09 5:47:42PM
I like Cain in this fight. However, I dont think he'll be able to run through Herring like all his other opponents. Herring is near impossible to knock out, I feel his striking technique is inferior to Cains however and Cain will utilize that and his wrestling to grind out a decision.
2/28/09 7:18:08PM
Yeah but NOG was also supposed to bet un KOable. And then a BJJ black belt does just that. I say Cain finishes the fight. Then onto the big boys for him. A fight with Nog or Randy i could see in the future. The "RISING STAR" aginst " THE ULTIMATE COMEBACK"