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1/30/07 3:24:37PM
I like the idea we can bet with individual members, but would it be possible to have it so that the mmaplayground would act as the main bookie?

meaning if the line was.

-300 Syliva & +800 Couture I could put down money on Couture just like I would with Vegas?

anyone else think this would be cool?

1/30/07 4:37:49PM
Yes, I think this would work better, whether it could or would be implemented i'm not enitreley sure yet, but we'll let you guys know as soon as possible.
1/30/07 4:40:09PM
I like the betting on llnes and hope that it gets added. However, I like that I can exchange bet on this site whereas I can't on sites where I bet the lines. So just don't completely change it. Make it the only site where you can do both.
1/30/07 4:47:14PM
sorry can you explain what you mean by exchange bet?
1/30/07 6:10:09PM
More or less what we do here. Generally the way it works is the broker (this site) sets up two ppl who want to design there own bet, own odds, whatever. In the case of real money betting the broker makes either some kind of percent or flat fee for the bets they hook up. A friend of mine's father does this on an international level for horse racing and was telling me about it, like, a day or two before I found this site.
1/30/07 9:20:55PM
I was thinking it would be cool, if the playground had a meter on the side showing how much was in there bank.

then we bet against them.

as per the odds it would be easy, when they are released by vegas this site can use there odds or adjust them to there liking them lock them in. there would be no need to update them constantly. maybe, use the odds when they first come out, then change them the day of the fight.

I'd love this method over betting between members.
1/31/07 11:41:18AM
Due to the sheer number of people that have requested this feature we will most likely be adding it in the near future while keeping the current "community based" wagering system in place as well. Thanks for all the good feedback, the users are what make a site
1/31/07 4:16:17PM
Love to hear it. Glad I got in on the ground floor here, it's shaping up great. Can't wait til the numbers are in from Sat.
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