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7/14/10 11:51:27PM
Varner's management team from issued a statement to late Tuesday night, responding to the rumors about the fight with Cerrone.

"We have not been contacted in regards to this bout," his management team stated. "The fight between Kamal and Jamie was supposed to gain a shot at the title. The overwhelming majority of people seem to feel Jamie definitely won the fight. A title rematch with Ben in Arizona could be great for the fans and the WEC.

"For more information on an upcoming bout and injuries from the last fight please look for a video blog in the coming days on"
7/15/10 1:36:05AM
hey heres an idea, send cowboy to the ufc and stop trying to make him wec champ. the guys had a billion title shots and falls harder every time he loses
7/15/10 8:31:41AM
never liked varner that much, never cared for his public outbreaks either. Personnally I think he loses both matches after he just barely won vs shalorus. It would be more of a fair fight vs cowboy, still think he'd lose it though. Now IF he gets benson, he's getting dominated.

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