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2/2/09 12:14:43AM
ok so

the fight was stopped due to an injury sustained from an illegal blow.

did anyone else find fault in this?

if the situation was a bit different would it be fair?

say cerrone won the first 3 or 4 rounds, and started to gas, and varner was starting to look like he would have the finish, and hes coming back and catchs the knee, and the fight has to be stopped.

it would go to the judges scorecards and tallied up at that point? despite the fact that the blow was an illegal blow that stopped the fight? should it not be a dq, because of the fact that it was an illegal blow? id ask for the rules on it, but does it differ state by state? or is it a unified, and what is the exact rule?

granted its an extreme scenario, but you use those to find faults and flaws in rules.

2/2/09 12:18:38AM
they ruled it an unintentional they couldnt DQ would have to be ruled a NC or go to the judges scorecards..depending on how far into the fight the strike in question occured.

if it was ruled an intentional knee, and Varner could not continue..then I believe it would be a DQ
2/2/09 3:06:41AM
yeah it's only a DQ if it's ruled as an intentional foul, like anderson's upkick on Okami.

There also has to be a certain amount of time passed before it can go to the judges or it is called a No Contest. I think it's any time after the second round but don't quote me on that because I'm not positive.

I see your point but you can look at it both ways. Maybe if it's an automatic DQ the guy who's losing decides it's better to aim his package at the guy's kicks and knees and then say he can't go on, winning the fight based on him intentionally trying to get fouled in a fight he was losing. Given that it was completely accidental I think this is the fairest way to do it. Pretty much any rule can be exploited both ways, but the distinction between intentional and unintentional fouls is what makes it as fair as it can be.
2/2/09 8:10:04PM
ahhh, thanks guys. cleared that up.
2/3/09 11:00:12AM
The blow was completely legal at the time it was thrown, but by the time it landed it was deemed a foul, and rightfully so. The judges/referee made the right call in this situation, and I applaud them for it, despite wanting to see that fight finish
2/3/09 12:21:11PM
I think he was hurt, it was an unintentional knee, and it was a good call for the ref to make. I think there is a case for a rematch, although it was not so exciting, (until Cerrone picked up the pace before that injury occured). IDK Cerrone (or his style at all) but he was walking with his hands down, and did'nt chase the bike riding champ until 2 minutes b4 the knee. Varner had lot's of takedowns, but only did damage at the begining giving Cerrone a forehead knot.
2/4/09 11:01:45PM
ALl in all it was a tremendous fight and I can't wait for the rematch.
2/12/09 2:05:50PM
If the shot is intentional its a DQ. If its unintentional it matters when the fight is stopped. If its before the half way mark it goes to a NC if it is more than half way the go to the scorecards and treat it as the end of the fight. It is unified and the same as in boxing.
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