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11/21/12 4:28:03AM
“Everyone keeps telling me he’s so fast, he’s so powerful, he’s so athletic. Well yeah, but so is Edson Barboza,” Varner says of Guillard. “I compare it a lot to the Edson Barboza fight, another guy who is fast, powerful and athletic. But, (Guillard’s) a living, breathing human being and he can be beat. He’s been beaten before. He’s really tough, I just have to be the best Jamie Varner there’s ever been. My defense has to be on point, I can’t be lazy, I have to be in good shape and I have to bring the fight to him. That’s going to be the biggest thing, not making any mistakes, keeping my chin down, my hands up and watching out for his one big shot happening and being able to catch him with the big shots.”

11/21/12 9:48:28AM
who said he can't be beat?
11/21/12 11:43:15AM

Posted by tallica62

who said he can't be beat?

Surely not Cerrone, Miller, J Lau or anyone that has learned the RNC.
11/21/12 1:46:39PM
varner has been looking great lately. i'll probably be picking him to win. i dont know if it will be considered an upset or what, but i just think that guillards biggest weakness is his inconsistency. i never thought varner would be back from that slump we saw him in a while though, good for him, ive become a varner fan lately.
11/21/12 5:46:26PM
wtf looking great?
He's 1-3 in his last four fights.

Varner wins. He also beats J-Lau with a full fight camp.