Possible Variables To Add To Fantasy Picks?

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1/1/09 5:17:47PM
EDIT: Topic has been changed.
1/1/09 5:24:26PM
I think thats wayyyy too much luck to call that.
Rather then that, adding for submission, the way it would end i.e Arm submission, or leg submission would be better. At least you that takes skill, as you would need to know the style of the fighter.And switch TKO/KO to either TKo or KO.
1/1/09 5:32:01PM

Posted by EvenFlow

I think it would get a little complicated and unecessary .

You just answered your own question.
1/1/09 5:33:05PM
The playground picks are fine. I don't think tko or ko should be an option at all though. That's really not important and the difference is very little.

I like the time option though if it would be divided into 3 sections, early 1-3, mid 2-4, and late 3-5 That is enough give and would make it that much harder without making luck the decider.
1/1/09 5:48:38PM
MMAPlayground is the biggest independent MMA fantasy league in existaince. Why change what's working?
1/1/09 6:13:42PM

Posted by EvenFlow

We can pick the winner, way and round but would adding when the fight finshed be a good idea? So if you go over your marked time you just dont get a point for it. I think it would get a little complicated and unecessary but I just wanna here some imput on that.

UFC.com are having time ending and quite frankly if you nail it is by pure luck or because you selected "decision" and you get the 5 minutes mark automatically.

don't really like that, next would be to guess the number of jab per rd and leg kick etc.. lol

1/1/09 7:20:53PM

Posted by Whispering_Death

MMAPlayground is the biggest independent MMA fantasy league in existaince. Why change what's working?

True dat!
1/1/09 8:29:32PM
EDIT: Topic changed
1/1/09 11:03:19PM
I think that you should be able to pick sub?ko and fight of the night. Aswell as having ktfo and murder as options eg Rampage rnd 1 via murder
1/1/09 11:37:07PM
If done correctly picking the actual sumission would be a cool option. They do this at UFC.com but the problem is you take a bg risk in picking a particular type of sub as opposed to just picking a TKO. In my eyes you should score at least double the points for picking the exact sub. I don't know it's too much of a number crunch to figure out what would be fair.

Some other fantasy games use the time in minute increments as well, and I hate it. It's really more a matter of luck to call a fight to end in 12 minutes as opposed to 13 minutes etc. I like the way it is, if anything maybe an additional 5 points instead of two for an underdog would be the only addition I would reccomend...that way if you hit a dog it was worth the risk.
1/2/09 6:20:28PM
As mentioned previously the UFC fantasy game breaks down the options alot more than the Playground does. And frankly I think the UFC game sucks. I tried the UFC fantasy and I thought it was all luck and no skill.

Anyway if people don't like the way it is done at the playground they have the option of doing the UFC fantasy.
1/2/09 6:28:36PM
i think that underdog's should get double the points, but that is only my revision (same boat as Wolfenstein)
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