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11/19/07 7:08:08PM
i am a 16 year old male looking to find somewhere to train i am 5 9 weigh 155 and was wondering if anyone knows anyone or anywhere i can train or if someone is willing to take me under there wing and coach me
11/19/07 9:44:15PM
Google is your friend.

Second though, I'll be nice although it took me 3 words to find this on google, Universal MMA
11/20/07 8:28:53AM
You're better going to a gym than training one-on-one IMO because you'll have more people to work against.

Dennis Kang trains out of Vancouver and he has a seminar this Sunday. it might be worth stopping by and meeting a couple dozen local guys who already have insight on the scene.

Sunday, November 26th @ 2 pm. Location: Universal Mixed Martial Arts. Address:

1256 Granville St.,
Suite 1, Lower Level
Vancouver, BC

PHONE 604.684.0991

Denis will show his tricks and techniques that made him a top contender in the world of MMA.

Kang Seminar link
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