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1/7/08 9:47:12AM

Posted by Boo_Radley21

Haha this thread is awesome. I think it makes it funnier to me because I just bought Death Warrant for $6. Has anyone else got more creepy van damme stuff? Haha I found another video

Van Damme molests a guy

Oh my. That's pure cheese. He gives the guy a lift, he grabs his balls, then he gets mad for getting called a faggot. Top notch.
1/13/08 12:56:13PM
Way creepy. Very gay.
1/13/08 1:25:56PM
subtitles are wrong. Not once does the other guy call van damme a faggot... not saying that he isint, oh and IMO it's ok to knock someone when he does something gay by his own will (the wink scarred me), but thats actually a scene from a french movie so come on.
2/8/08 2:26:28PM

Posted by TNunley

The thing that gets me most is the eyes closed during the hug... savoring the moment.

The eyes closed thing might have been ok if it was family, or if they have been friends a long time and Fedor just accomplished the impossible.. ya know, warranting emotion. When you add all of the above together though, there is just no explanation. He almost looks aggrivated at the end when Fedor turns away.

ugggghhh... savoring the moment... lmao
2/8/08 2:57:58PM
I was watching one ofe those "outrageous moments" TV shows one night, and Van Damme was on this Brazilian game show. They had him stand there while a bunch of hot ass women came up and ground on him hardcore. Needless to say, the show got what it wanted when he could no longer face the camera when the girls walked away, as he was left standing there popping chub.
2/9/08 12:53:49AM
Yeah, but what if he was imagining that it was Fedor grinding on him?
2/11/08 10:50:20PM
This doesn't have anything to do with Van Damme being gay but I thought it was funny.

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