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12/20/08 6:54:25PM
Valuev wins by Majority Decision to retain the title.
12/20/08 10:04:13PM
This is why I don't watch boxing.
12/21/08 12:26:21AM
Gobsmacking. I had just watched a replay and had Evander winning 9 rounds. I actually shut the browser down before the decision assuming it was a holyfield UD. I was pretty shocked when i came on i differant forum and saw he lost
12/21/08 1:36:52AM
I think that fight showed that Wlad would demolish valuev.
12/21/08 9:19:50PM
did Holyfield look good or was it a bad fight?
12/22/08 7:22:21AM
I haven't seen any video yet, but several columns/commentaries I've read are saying that Holyfield was robbed.
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